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  • Amie

    Hi Kofesis, 

    Thank you very much for reaching out to us via community. Amie here, I would be happy to help with your question to see if I can help improve this for you and your team. 

    So we can assist with your troubleshooting and see if we can identify anything on our side, could you kindly advise on the following:

    • What browser and operating system are you using? 
    • When do you notice the issue occurring the most? e.g. When you are working on a Freehand alone, when collaborating with others, when using Zoom, when using particularly large/complicated Freehands etc.
    • Did you notice whether the issue happens in multiple Freehands or only specific ones? 
    • Does the issue occur in multiple browsers?
    • Do you notice any improvement when using an alternative browser or network connection? 
    • Can you advise if you notice any improvements when opening Freehands in a private/incognito window?
    • Are you the only one experiencing the issue or are your colleagues also having trouble?

    I'll wait to hear back from you, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know.

    Kind regards, 



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