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  • Juna

    I experience the same issues, any solutions?

  • Mark Mezzanotte

    Hello Branko and Juna,

    Thanks for reaching out to us in Community. I'd be happy to troubleshoot this for both of you.

    Can you please let me know how you are trying to create prototypes?

    • Is this within the web interface Sketch via Craft or Figma via the InVision Plugin?
    • If Sketch or Figma, can you provide the version number for both the application and its plugin (Craft or InVision Plugin for Figma)?

    It is also possible that this issue may be related to either the plan you are on (V7 vs Freehand Only) or the seat type you have if you are a member of an enterprise account (Creator vs Freehand Collaborator).

    Read More on these items:


    Please let me know when you have a chance so that I can assist further.

    Thank you,


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