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Best practices for archiving Freehand and keeping uncluttered




  • Bob Mann-Francis
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    Hi all,
    This is an interesting topic, and I've been chatting to a few different people about this recently. We spoke more about the governance of projects, rather than individual documents. So when someone on the team comes into a project's space, they can see the documents relevant to the work in hand, as well as the background behind decisions made. On a personal level, I use sections in spaces to provide way-finding guidance to the areas of work as well as indicate when it was used/created, e.g. "Kickoff - May23" / Q1-FY22 working sessions / v2.4 release. I also remove documents from sections when they are no longer needed, or push them down the sidebar to a deprecated section.

    On a group-folder level, I look after my sidebar, keeping active groups there and removing others. This helps me on a personal level as opposed to a team level without archiving anything.
    As far as naming convention on Groups/Spaces, I'll leave that to someone else to chime in. The only pointer I've heard which helped our team was keeping the "detail naming" on the left and the higher-level on the right. An example may be 'Brainstorm - Alpha Project'. This means when you have them in a space sidebar, you can see the detail with longer document names.
  • Hannah Koh

    ^^ Couldn't agree more Bob! I love using sections to create more guidance within a Space and removing documents from sections when they're outdated or no longer relevant!! I also do the same for my Groups and remove them from my sidebar when I know I don't need to consistently access them as part of my week to week work.

    Regarding naming convention for Groups/Spaces, I try to keep things specific especially on the Group level. Keep in mind Group names cannot be duplicated but Space names can be, so it's always helpful to use more specific Group names and then on the Space level you can be more generic if applicable.

  • Kate Fisher
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    Speaking of spaces ⬡ -- I like to name mine starting with a number. Keeps everything scannable and organized!


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