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Have you tried Freehand?!




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    Jessica Eisner

    We just announced an exciting update to Freehand! 🚀 

    Check out its new collection of templates from industry leaders to transform how you brainstorm, plan, and align as a team. 🙌

  • Katie Glenn

    I use the Diagrams & Flows template all the time! I do a lot of cross-functional work and it's been such a help to be able to spin up a quick freehand (using the shortcut, and having everyone piece together workflows of how several teams will dovetail their workflows together. It takes 10 min to do a freehand vs. us talking back and forth for 30 min trying to explain it to each other.

  • Eliz D'Agostin

    In the Customer Success team we are heavy users of Freehand for onboarding flows, account planning and stakeholder mapping.
    Diagrams and Flows have really made this much quicker (and prettier as I can't draw!) and straightforward.
    As a team we really like to use the Daily Standup option for aligning on weekly priorities.

    I also use Freehand with my clients for Workflow sessions - it gives everyone a space to really draw out their way of working and it make calls much more interactive and productive.

  • Jessica Eisner

    I love the Brainstorm and Retrospective templates and have tailored them both to use for ideation sessions and retrospectives. Freehand has become an essential tool for me when mapping workflows, project planning, or goal setting with my team. It streamlines our ability to collaborate and get alignment remotely. Reactions were a game changer too! 

  • Bob Mann-Francis
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    Freehand really helps my team get all our ideas on 'paper' quickly and brainstorm from there. We love using Templates to help start quickly and consistently and once our ideas have started to form, we use flow charts to help us to build the process or workflow. It has become a central space for everyone with the recent new features like reactions and locking elements, we've taken it even further.

    Oh and we have a lot of team fun in Freehand too and I'm currently using it to plan the improvements to our garden.

  • Philipp

    We have used InVision Freehand for a couple of collaborative/creative workshops with clients and really like the product!

    What we found limiting, however, is that our clients (without licenses for our agency InVision Enterprise account) can't edit texts/objects that were prepared by our team members - this limits the possibilites for using Freehand for in-depth collaborative workshops with various clients... any ideas/comments on this?

    Thank you & keep up the great work,


  • Camille M

    Hi Philipp,

    Thanks for reaching out with your Freehand feedback!

    Users outside of the Enterprise would be able to view freehands as Guests and, depending on the link permissions, add their own content. However, they would not be able to edit content created by other users. 

    In order to have edit access to the Freehand, these users would need to be added to the Enterprise.

    I'm sorry about the inconvenience here! The ability to allow guests to modify Freehands in an Enterprise account is a feature request we're monitoring interest levels for. I will open a ticket on your behalf to track your interest for this potential feature. Please keep an eye out for an email indicating that we’ve formally tracked your feedback.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!



  • Oscar Goldman

    Sure. I used Freehand the first time in 1989. Adobe bought it in 2005 and killed it. Then they abandoned Illustrator.

    So... what's this about?

  • Camille M

    Hi Oscar,

    InVision Freehand is a completely different product to Adobe's FreeHand, which was sunset many years ago.

    If you'd like to take a look into InVision's Freehand, we have a great course to give you an overview and help you get started: 

    If you have any questions about our Freehand product, we'd be glad to assist further.




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