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Freehand Tips




  • Michéle (Mikele) De Sousa

    Hi Caleb

    Nice post.

    Absolutely love Freehand! Such a useful tool. 

    My favourite freehand tip is to use the useful Freehand templates. The ones I constantly use are Brainstorming and  Sprint planning and let me tell you, there is a lot more.

    If anyone is interested, have a look here in the Start creating with a Freehand template section on the InVisionapp website. 

    Enjoy the collaboration!

    Stay awesome! 

  • Caleb Williams

    Hi Michéle,

    Thank you for sharing how you see freehand. I will definitely try the sprint planning template. 

  • Lisa Fuller

    Hiya - what do I do if my images won't load?


  • Hardicnep

    Hi experts,

    I make a board of my brand i.e reviewscot, but i dont know how to setup my brand please help me Thanks!

  • Arthur Varennes

    Hello - what do I do if my images won't load?

  • Raynor B

    Hi Arthur,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with images loading in your Freehand, but thanks for reaching out via our Community!

    I'd like to gather some more information so that I can pass this on to our Support team for troubleshooting. 

    • If you're able to share here, could you please send through some screenshots or a screen recording showing this issue occurring?
    • Does this issue continue in a private/incognito window, or a different browser?
    • Could you please confirm your browser and OS details by going to, clicking the “Copy” button, and pasting the link it gives you into your reply?

    Looking forward to your reply!



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